Enjoy the splendour of Gandamack Lodge, Flashman’s Restaurant and the Hare and Hound Watering Hole

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The legendary and fictional 19th Century James Bond style character, Harry Flashman, made his name in the first Anglo Afghan War (the first book in the Flashman series introduces us to the character during his early years in the army). With the money he made from the looting of Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny in 1858 he bought Gandamack Lodge in the Leicestershire countryside in England, and named it in memory of the British defeat at Gandamack and his own fortunate and lucky escape from that battle. Now Gandamack Lodge in Kabul is named after Flashman’s address. The British base in Kabul, Camp Souter, on the way to the Supreme shopping PX, is named after Captain Thomas Souter of the 44th who wrapped the regimental colours around his waist to save them from the attacking Afghans as the last British soldiers fought at Gandamack on January 13 1842. Dr William Brydon was historically the only man to make it through to Jalalabad … and fictionally Harry Flashman of course!

From the Flashman Papers: But at last we came to Kabul, and I saw the great fortress of Bala Hissar lowering over the city, and beyond it to the right the neat lines of the cantonment beside the water’s edge, where the red tunics showed like tiny dolls in the distance and the sound of a bugle came faintly over the river. It was pretty in the summer’s evening, with the orchards and gardens before us, and the squalor of Kabul Town hidden behind the Bala Hissar. Aye, it was pretty then. Kabul might not be Hyde Park, but at least it was safe for the present.

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